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Teaching football betting 24 hours unlimited.

Teach online football Easy to understand, not complicated, suitable for new players who want to study and understand for you to have knowledge. And understand more And an old gambler Who wants to accumulate master The opportunity has arrived. Where to find it The website that can provide you this much convenience. Trust in the use of placing bets.

Methods and procedures for betting online “Football (ball Teng)” is

  • In the first step after logging in to the system will find the face of the web.
  • Football table with orange background = Ball that is currently playing (Live football) and if we scroll down a little longer, we will find Balls that have not yet been kicked and we can place bets in advance of the kicking ball. Will be a gray square
  • It will be divided into 6 explanations as follows
  • Article 1 is the price per child In which one pair will normally have a variety of odds for you to choose to play
  • Article 2 refers to the home team (home team).
  • Article 3 refers to the visiting team.
  • Article 4. Price per child (high to low)
  • Article 5 refers to the higher bet.
  • Article 6 refers to lower bets.
  • will observe the list of teams If the team name in red letters = next team and for the team name in black = secondary team
  • Betting odds are divided into 2 forms, 1 being a negative pattern with red letters. For example, if the odds of -0.90, if we bet 100 baht, if we win, we get 100 baht in full, but if we lose, we lose only 90 baht.

Style 2: Non-negative price Is the black letter For example If the odds are 0.90, if we bet 100 baht, if we win, we will receive 90 baht, but if losing, will lose 100 baht.

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